Headquartered in Ashville, AL Cannalife RX is a vertically integrated craft hemp company. At Cannalife RX we grow specific strains of hemp cultivars with high concentrations of cannabinoids and terpenes using organic cultivation practices. All of our strains are cultivated with superior care for our brand of Cannalife RX craft wellness products.

Cannalife Rx was created to provide exceptional craft services to companies in the hemp industry. We felt that we needed to create a company that farmers and other clients could utilize for consulting services all the way to plant processing and extraction services. We have invested in the latest solventless & nano extraction technologies for all of our processing needs ensuring our clients the purest and cleanest raw full spectrum and broad spectrum cannabinoid oils & terpenes in the industry. We make it a point to follow the highest industry standards when processing any product for final consumption. As a vertically structured company we have been able to provide a menu of services to clients in the cannabis industry and beyond.